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Ring Size


How To Measure Ring Size With String or Paper & Ruler

1. Take a string or strip of paper and wrap it around the base of the desired finger. 

2. Mark the point where the end meets the string or paper.  

3. Measure the string or paper on a ruler in millimeters to the point where you marked it.   

4. Find the closest corresponding ring size on the chart below:


Tips To Make Sure You Find The Correct Size

1. Your fingers change size throughout the day depending on temperature. Measure your finger when it's a bit warm to ensure a comfortable fit for your ring. 

2. Measure each finger individually, as your dominant hand may be larger. 

3. If the knuckle is bigger than the finger base, choose a size in between.

4. When using a string or paper to measure your finger, don't let it get loose but don't pull it tight. Doing either will skew the size of your ring.

5. For best results, measure 3 or 4 times and compare results. You want to make sure the sizing is accurate.

6. If you have a current ring that fits you can measure the inside diameter and use that to find your ring size.

7. Make sure your fingers are at a "normal" size when you measure them. Fingers shrink a bit in cold weather, and they swell after you've had alcohol after you've exercised.

8. If your knuckle is particularly big, you may want to choose a bigger ring size so that the ring can fit over the knuckle

9. It's common for there to be size differences between your left and right hand, and fingers can change sizes due to various factors like weather and pregnancy.

10. What's a good fit like? Your ring should slip on easily, but be snug and slightly difficult to remove.

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